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Beth Alcala


My Name is Beth Alcala

Full Name: Elizabeth Anne Alcala
Maiden Name: McMillan

    I'm a mother of two trying her hand in the art scene. I've been creating art for as long as I can remember. Art has always been a big part of my life. I was diagnosed with a form of Autism and Dyslexia when I was 5, and one of the only things that helped me get through everyday life was creating.


    I started drawing mostly as hobby when I was a kid, and would pretty much draw whatever, I didn't really have a style. Over time I decided to start taking some art classes. I attended classes at school, in the Parks and Rec program, and even took summer art classes at LACMA which was my first experience with live models. I would occasionally enter competitions, but for the most part I liked drawing just for myself.


    In High School I started getting more focused on my art. I tended to sketch during most of my classes, which would sometimes negatively reflect my grades. Whenever I would go out, I would normally carry a sketch book around in case I felt inspired, or board, which was a lot of the time. I started developing insomnia so I would spend most nights up drawing till 3 or 4 in the morning. I also did the makeup for my High Schools VMA production of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Even though I spent most of my time focusing on art, I was somehow able to attract my future husband, Andrew, who became yet another large distraction from my schooling. Despite all of that, I was somehow able to graduate, and on honor roll in 2002.

    I went to Glendale Community College right after High School where I focused most of my attention on my three loves, Art, Film, and Andrew. I was able to take my first life drawing class with nude models, which greatly developed my drawing skills. I also started experimenting more with other mediums like charcoal.

    Before I decided to try a career as an artist, I wanted to work in the film industry. I transferred to The Los Angeles Film School where my main focus was directing and editing. After graduating I worked in film for about 5 years. I mostly took jobs as a Production Assistant, and Freelance Editor, but over time I became drained from the Hollywood film life and decided to walk away from film and start focusing on my art once again.

    When I returned to my art, I was less stressed, and surprisingly started focusing a lot on painting, which I used to shy away from based on the permanency of paint, but so far, I've been loving the outcome. I still don't have a set artistic "style", and I don't think I ever will, I guess I just don't like feeling boxed in. I'm now married with two children, and work in art in one of the most overly art saturated places on earth, LA County. Though I consider myself a "starving artist" I've never been happier. I do art show, festivals, craft fairs, and I continue to work with many different mediums like paints, pencils, wood, digital, etc., but I'm always looking to find new ways to express myself.

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